Bianca Beldini co-founder, Sundala

acupuncture | physical therapy



Bianca began her career as a health care professional after her matriculation at New York University when she entered the Physiotherapie Department of the Hanzehogeschool van Groningen in the Netherlands in 1994. She was exposed to a European holistic health care model that would eventually shape her mindset and intentions of practice to incorporate a mind-body-spirit approach to her clinical and life goals. She studied a style of Physical Therapy that focused on manual skills in which she learned and experienced the effects of the power of human touch.

Bianca experienced the profound effects of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine after she suffered a neck injury in 2001. She received an Acupuncture treatment that removed her pain within 24 hours and with that experience, she began her quest to evolve her understanding of health and wellness from beyond the confines of western healing modalities. (more)


Jodie Tassello, co-founder, Sundala

acupuncture | advanced allergy therapeutics

Jodie began her career as a research scientist focusing on the study of Virology and Infectious Disease. After graduating Florida Tech with a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology she began working in the pharmaceutical industry at the Viral Vaccine Technology Development Center at Wyeth-Lederle in Pearl River. On a quest to discover a means to practice “good” science, she left her position at Wyeth-Lederle after 5 years to focus on eliminating pathogens from donated blood at the Biotec company Vitex. For the next 5 years Jodie successfully helped develop and demonstrate the efficacy of this new technology.

Jodie continued her science career in NYC and worked at Rockefeller University managing both the laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease and the Center for the Study of Hepatitis C.  Her science career then led her to the  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Immunology Department where she participated in research to develop non-conventional cancer therapies in collaboration with MSKCC’s Integrative Medicine Center while attending Acupuncture school. She was exposed first-handedly to the use and efficacy of integrative medicines for cancer support and realized she needed to be on the hands on healing side of treating patients.

Jodie has compounded her 18 + year knowledge of science and has dedicated her practice of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine to helping patients with internal organ disorders, cancer support therapies and an immunological understanding of disease.  Jodie also performs Trigger Point needling for musculoskeletal pain disorders.(more)